Major studies confirm, the majority of this vast undiscovered intellectual wealth has unknowingly slipped through the traditional societal employment and educational cracks and thereby stowed away within millions of our adult neighbors, friends, and co-workers, who’re unaware of their unique intellectual capabilities or the reason for those socially and career dampening traits that plague most intellectually gifted adults for a lifetime.     

Therefore, it is our mission to bring awareness to this undervalued community, help these individuals recognize their own unique abilities and shatter those unflattering images and misunderstood traits that tend to socially hamper development of intellectually gifted people. Together, we can shed light on these individuals and provide them the support and resources they need to reach the enormous potential they have to bring change and innovative ideas into a world in need of fresh perspectives. Furthermore, our organization seeks to establish a Gifted Adult Resource Center, nationally recognized Gifted Adult Awareness Week and Mentorship Program.

Donations are optional and being accepted in order to fully implement and sustain our global adult gifted awareness recognition campaign.  This includes further development of our Certification Program Software, which aims to validate formally unrecognized intellectually gifted adults as Certified Intellectually Gifted (CIG). There are millions of intellectually unique mature minds, who remain undiscovered or simply did not have the opportunity, awareness or financial circumstance to engage in formal higher education that would have paved the way for further professional and intellectual development.

CIG strives to become an identifier that could help level the playing field with our more traditionally acknowledged and institutionally prepared. The program can open doors for unique older thinkers to not only be recognized, but also to advocate for themselves in the job–seeking process now having confidence and guidance in sharing their unique and innovative ideas.   

Once fully implemented, this effort will become self-sustaining by way of membership participation, combined with the sale of relevant materials that furthers our understanding of intellectual giftedness though our Gifted Adult Resource Center.

As a participating member, you and/or your organization would not only have taken a major step towards supporting our gifted communities, both recognized and unrecognized, but also help people at a very personal level. For example, systemic child abuse and bullying of our gifted children is far more prevalent than most are aware of, and could have lasting consequences upon our gifted adult community. Therefore, it’s imperative we compile the supporting data into a single venue to aid in further research regarding abuse of our gifted children and its lingering effects as we age.

As a supporting member, you would also benefit from tethered access to countless blossoming unique minds filled with fresh untapped perspectives via our member(s) only, first of its kind, on-line Solution Center. Once fully implemented, the Solution Center can collectively offer unique solutions to a global population.       

Imagine millions of scattered but brilliant particles of intellectual light jointly refracted through the prism of self-awareness, then focus that spectrum of pure intellectual prowess upon a single issue. We envision a global selfless consortium of exceptional global reasoning, collectively woken-up, turned on and with laser precision shined upon issues such as world hunger, the potential is beyond promising, it’s here!

It is reliably estimated 2-7% of the world’s population (140 -490 million) are intellectually gifted, yet sadly the vast majority of intellectually gifted people are rarely identified as such! Only a small percentage of this valuable global community has ever been identified or provided the resources (via the internet), to contribute in the manner that Gifted Awareness Inc. proposes.

Intellectual giftedness can be a blessing or curse! It is vitally important to understand, there are two forms of intellectual giftedness, the more commonly known and thereby understood or recognized form, and then there’s the far more insidious, prevalent and misunderstood unrecognized form, which locks its unsuspecting host(s) in a lifetime spiral of denial.

In addition, donations will also support our interactive online venue, complete with educational materials, training programs and blogs. Our organization will continue work towards further developing the online Gifted Certification, Solution Center, and Gifted Adult Resource Center.

Help us find millions of unrecognized intellectually gifted adults. Freshen the existing stagnated ponds of intellectual possibilities with clean, new, refreshing streams of intellectual possibilities fostered by a unique adult community driven by their new personal intellectual awareness.

If personally meeting a formally unrecognized highly gifted individual would be of benefit or if further clarification at any level is desired, our founder would appreciate an opportunity to clarify and/or present a personal story to you or your organization.

Richard Brees

Founder of Gifted Awareness, Inc. (Non-Profit)

(206) 687-9758