Donations are being accepted in order to fully implement and sustain our global adult gifted awareness recognition campaign, this includes development of our Certification Program software, which aims to validate formally unrecognized intellectually gifted adults as Certified Intellectually Gifted (CIG). There are millions of intellectually unique mature minds who remain undiscovered or simply did not have the opportunity, awareness or financial circumstance to engage in formal higher education that would have paved the way for further professional and intellectual development. Its not to late!


Help us find millions of unrecognized intellectually gifted adults. Freshen those existing stagnated intellectual ponds of old thinking. We offer a vision of clean, new, refreshing streams of intellectual possibilities fostered by a new unique adult community, powered by their new personal intellectual awareness.

Once fully implemented, this effort will become self-sustaining by way of membership participation, combined with the sale of relevant materials that furthers our understanding of intellectual giftedness though our Gifted Adult Resource Center or Book Store. As a participating member, you and/or your organization would not only have taken a major step towards supporting our gifted communities, both recognized and unrecognized, but also help people at a very personal level. For example, systemic child abuse and bullying of our gifted children, which is far more prevalent than most are aware of. Therefore, it’s imperative we compile the supporting data into a single venue to aid in further research regarding abuse of our gifted children and its lingering effects as we age.


SpreadING the word

In addition, donations will also support our interactive online venue, complete with educational materials, training programs, and blogs. Our organization will continue work towards further developing the online Gifted Certification, Solution Center, and Gifted Adult Resource Center.

                   A MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER

If personally meeting a formally unrecognized highly gifted individual would be of benefit, or if further clarification at any level is desired, I would appreciate an opportunity to clarify and/or present a personal story to you or your organization.