Richard Brees, is currently the Chief Internet Officer (CIO) and Founder ofthe non-profit, Gifted Awareness, Inc.  Richard has also succeeded as a, Writer, Real-Estate Developer, Broker, Consultant and Mentor. In addition, Richard has made numerous appearances on both radio and television and spoken before thousands on the inequities within the American Judicial System. Richard was professionally certified as Highly Gifted late in life and therefore can relate to those trying to blend a few drops of their uniqueness into a sea of conformity.  Richard is now dedicated to bringing about global awareness to millions of yet undiscovered gifted adults. In addition, Richard also wants too draw attention to the systemic child abuse that plagues our gifted children!

Richards' giftedness was discovered late in life and now fuels his passion to find other unrecognized gifted adults struggling in a culture that equates different as wrong and in need of repair. He has raised two academically accredited daughters while married to his wife (anchor person) of forty-one years. He lives in Washington State and speaks from a survivors prospective on issues of child abuse, bulling and life as an undiscovered gifted adult. Richard has written a number of articles regarding the unconscious pathological use of intellectualization and intellectual repression as coping mechanisms in a culture that mistakenly equates different as wrong and in need of repair. If you need a soft spot to land, we're here to catch you.


                                                             OUR MENTORING PROGRAM

Discovering one’s intellectual giftedness late in life can be daunting even with guidance and understanding. The majority of newly discovered gifted adults unfortunately struggle with transition as their newly discovered intellectual prowess begins to beckon as their protective façade of normalcy begins to dissolve. I know, I spent the majority of my adult life in intellectual denial ignoring my true-self.

Our Gifted Adult Mentoring Program is designed for those adult members who have discovered the key (gifted awareness) to their own unique intellectual potential late in life and now struggle with transitioning.  Mentoring sessions are held privately via the phone, email or skype and remain confidential.    

When considering mentoring or counseling, consider your options carefully!  You may choose a mentoring or counseling service whose employees have merely studied the many complexities of Intellectual Giftedness, (a secondary field for most). Or you can choose a highly gifted adult mentor who’s been there and felt the apprehension and confusion that intellectual awareness usher in. I know it’s hard to see another path when you’ve been on one so long. Remember:"The hallmark of intellectual self-awareness, involves not just discovering who you are but understanding how other people perceive you" - Richard Brees    

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"Its hard to find a different path, when you have been on one so long."  -  Richard Brees

Richard Brees

Founder and Mentor

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